Treatment & Techniques

At the North Portland Wellness Center, our Licensed Massage Therapists are highly skilled in various types of Massage & Bodywork including:

Deep Tissue

A deep tissue massage focuses strong pressure on the connective tissues of muscles to eliminate tension, reduce tightness, and relieve muscle pain. This style of massage is especially effective for those with chronically tight and tense areas – like backs, necks, and shoulders.

Injury Treatment

Injury treatment massage involves firm, penetrating touch for those who have specific needs related to an auto accident, sports or work injury. Oregon law entitles those who have been involved in an auto accident to receive up to $15,000 in free medical treatment. This includes massage, when referred by a doctor or chiropractor. Many people are able to find healing from such an experience through regular massage visits.


Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to restore the body to a relaxed state. The practitioner uses long, gliding strokes to promote circulation, relieve sore muscles, and improve flexibility. This is an excellent massage for those who prefer a lighter touch, or for those who are new to massage therapy. We also offer what we call “deep Swedish” – which is more of a combination of deep tissue and Swedish.


Pregnancy, or prenatal massage, is uniquely designed for a pregnant woman’s changing body. The practitioner supports the mother’s frame through the use of pillows and comfortable positions, to ensure her complete relaxation. This type of massage is known to reduce tension, relieve postural discomfort and pain, improve sleep, increase muscle tone, and minimize stress and depression-related hormones. Regular sessions contribute to the overall well-being of the mother while improving labor outcomes and the general health of the baby. Regular massage also keeps the body and skin supple and reduces the chance of developing stretch marks. Pregnancy massage is generally safe for women in their second and third trimesters, though some women with certain conditions may need to check with their doctors or other health professionals beforehand.