What We Treat

Been in a car or bike accident and need pain relief?
Can’t enjoy playing with your kids because your body hurts or you suffer from chronic headaches?
Do you experience anxiety/depression, insomnia or digestive upset?
Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant?
Suffering from PMS or painful periods?
Stressed out and need to find balance in your life?

Not sure what to do or where to go?

At the North Portland Wellness Center, whatever your healthcare concern is, we can help. Most of our new patients either live or work in the neighborhood or come from personal recommendations from patient’s to their friends, family and co-workers. We also enjoy many referral partnerships with Doctors and other providers in the area. As such, we’ve enjoyed working with patients of all ages over the years and have gained experience treating a wide variety of healthcare complaints and conditions.

Additionally, we’ve tailored our education and expertise to include a few specialty areas in order to provide the best possible treatment outcomes. We focus our attention on these areas and do our best to stay abreast of current trends and findings so that we can be an optimal resource to our patients.

At the North Portland Wellness Center, we provide a multitude of treatment options within our own Clinic and refer externally to other outside providers as needed. Our staff can help you find the provider that is the best match for you.