License #19822

Erin Rose is an intuitive and dedicated Portland massage therapist, using creative techniques to help you rediscover your strength and flexibility. Every session begins gently and works into a depth of tissue that can support your recovery. Some sessions are very light and use physical vibration, while others are very deep with lasting compressions using knees and elbows. To successfully decrease pain, increase circulation, increase range of motion and lift energy, a session with Erin Rose may include: postural assessment, deep or light stretching, deep compressions, manual vibration, and essential oils with hot towels.

Erin Rose’s bodywork has a strong basis in Traditional Thai medicine and in Spa care. Not only is she a graduate of the East West College, she has also studied extensively at the Naga Center-School of Traditional Thai Medicine with a focus on Deep Tissue and Pre-Natal massage. Also, as an herbalist in the Pacific Northwest for the last 10 years, Erin Rose keeps a fluid collaboration between her massage therapy and herbalism practices. In session, Erin Rose will discuss and assess what techniques are best for your goals, and your massage treatment can include a diversity of options including: essential oils, steam towels, salves and liniments to enhance and complement your massage benefits.

The study of Thai Massage led Erin Rose to personally experience profound physical restoration.  She continues to be in awe not only of her own resilient transformation, but also in the healing and recovery of her patients as well. Because of this, Erin Rose finds a true calling in bodywork as medicine, and takes every opportunity to help facilitate your health and well being. A treatment with Erin Rose is a chance for you to witness and experience your own pain relief process, with a patient listener and attentive caregiver.

Outside the clinic, Erin Rose spends most of her leisure time in commitment to becoming a “skillionaire”, teaching, learning and living fully. She is a devoted parent of 13 year old and a furry dog.  The whole family goes out together, enjoying Portland’s alternative transportation options, parks, museums, libraries, as well as nearby mountains and forests. Erin Rose is a long time resident of the North and Northeast Portland communities and is committed to sustaining them.

"Erin Rose and Dr. Borgardt are fantastic! Highly recommended. The massage and chiropractic were top notch."