License #21815

Lainey has been a practicing massage therapist since 2013. After graduating from The National Holistic Institute’s core program, where she found her love for massage and bodywork, she quickly enrolled in the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program offered at the institute. There, she honed her skills in anatomy and kinesiology, and developed her intuitive and patient quality of touch. In learning to listen to the body and allowing the muscles to facilitate their own healing—rather than manipulating the soft tissue to relax by force—she found her work exceeding her expectations in chronic pain relief, range of motion limitations, and the release of trigger points and adhesions thanks to this new modality of neuromuscular therapy.

Lainey attributes her massage career to “falling into fate.” Not knowing what career path she wanted to follow, she initially went to college to study psychology. After spending a few years trying to piece together her love for public service and the human body, she decided to take space from psychology and switch focus to massage. There, she found her passion: helping to ease others from their pain and personal body limitations. She continues to recognize how fortunate she was that fate found her and is grateful for every opportunity to share her skill with others.

A typical massage session with Lainey starts with a dialogue about what her client is looking for during the session. With a strong belief that healing is generated from an investment within, she sets the modality around what her client thinks will benefit them the most. With either a relaxing, broad-sweeping stroke focus, or a more straight-forward, goal-oriented focus, she begins by encouraging the body into a sense of comfort through a relaxing opening sequence. Next she sinks into the muscle to release the fascia, locate and relive trigger points, and break up adhesions. Rather than working solely on the soft tissue, a focus to the nervous system through neuromuscular therapy expands not only the effectiveness of her work, but also the multitude of different bodies she is capable of working on. Suddenly, people who thought that massage was not for them—based on personal insecurities or intense pain levels—are candidates for, and receive great benefit from, this deep tissue modality, which is both minimally invasive and accessible for all pain thresholds.

When Lainey is not massaging, she enjoys using her body through yoga and outdoor activities and strengthening her mind and soul through meditation.