License #20304

Sarah received her massage license in 2012 after completing her education at East West College of Healing Arts. There she focused on mastering deep tissue and myofascial release techniques as well as classes related to trigger point release and pre/post natal massage.  Since then she has been working as a massage therapist and has enjoyed applying her knowledge towards helping people to feel better.

Sarah stumbled into massage therapy one day while on a walk. She passed by East West College, became curious and the more she learned about the curriculum, the more she knew she found her path. Due to her own health struggles she had always possessed a deep curiosity about how the human body functioned and the effects of when that functioning goes awry. Massage therapy seemed a great outlet to explore that curiosity while allowing her the ability to apply it towards aiding others on their path to healing and wellness.

A massage with Sarah will include a quick discussion about what that day’s session will include and then she will work with various techniques to attain those goals for her patients. With her range of skills, Sarah is a great fit whether a patient is just looking for a relaxing massage or more focused work. Her additional specialties include, injury recovery (both sports and accident related), relief from migraines and tension headaches, chronic pain relief and post-surgery recovery. She is also able to work with a wide range of pressures to accommodate for each body’s differences. Her number one goal is to help you feel comfortable and supported as you work together.

When she is not massaging, Sarah enjoys hiking to waterfalls with her partner and dogs and singing karaoke with her best friend.