License #10548

Tamra, a graduate of the Oregon School of Massage, has been a licensed practitioner since 2003. She tailors each session to help you achieve your specific goals, whether they be pain relief, injury recovery or to improve actions of daily living or sports performance. She works with you to help balance and align your body for greater ease in action, breathing and rest. She draws from several modalities to neutralize the effects of overuse, misuse or injury and realign your body. Through massage and movement coaching she will work with you to restore range of motion, strength, and balanced action so you feel supported, lighter and more energized.

After an accident, a fall, an injury, surgery or overuse, you may feel pain and stiffness or it may go unnoticed as your body adapts to all changing circumstances as best it can. When an area of the body is misaligned or out of balance other areas compensate. Tamra will address the strains, adhesions and tension patterns that have developed within the fascia (the web of connective tissue that permeates your entire body, envelopes every muscle and organ and connects everything). She will help you to restore your fascia to its healthy state which is fluid, flexible and responsive.

Tamra has over three decades experience in the movement arts including various forms of dance, fitness and yoga. She has discovered that everybody, dancers and yogis included, brings their movement patterns into whatever they do. Some of these habitual patterns support a fullness of being; others limit or restrict that fullness. She is dedicated to empowering people to be in touch with their inner wisdom and realize their full potential through massage, movement coaching and awareness practices. Tamra is delighted to share her joy and enthusiasm for living well with people from all walks of life.

"Can I give anymore stars?! I love this place. The front desk lady was really nice and patient: called me back promptly, answered my questions, genuinely nice. The prices aren't too bad: $85 for an hour massage (full body optional). I scheduled a massage for myself and my boyfriend with Tamra. She was amazing and could interpret whatever nebulous thing I said about my body pain and make my body feel way better, and even point out problem areas that were affected by daily actions (sitting at my desk at an angle, for example)! If you make a massage appointment (various time duration available), schedule it with Tamra, she's awesome. Not only that, she was comfortable with not being too chatty and also was very pleasant to chat with when we did talk. I really liked that. Sometimes it can be awkward talking to hairstylists, massage therapists, etc. At least it is for me haha."